Probs&Solutions – Copycat Marker Rendering

After noticing where are my weaknesses in marker rendering, I went on Moodle to do a couple of copycat marker sketches and I noticed that I need to practice more marker rendering as I encounter the similar problems when I’m doing my line sketches, where I need to practice how to control the power of the marker and the accuracy of where I should place my marker in my drawing. Other than that, I noticed that before doing any marker rendering on my drawing I need to emphasise on my line even more like make it more thicker to make the drawing seem more lively then only I apply my marker or else the marker will just blend away the lines. One of the most important thing I have learned in marker rendering is the speed of rendering, the speed of rendering is very important because if I go too fast the marker will be too light, if I go too slow it tends to bleed, where my drawings in the Corvette and underlay sketches shows a lot of the marker bleeding.

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