Development- Marker Renderings

On week 3,  I was given the task to do marker renderings based on the underlays given and corvette redesign with marker renderings. For the marker renderings based on the underlays given I was required to watch the video by my tutor to follow the step by step on how to do marker rendering. My marker renderings was quite okay until it got onto the corvette marker rendering which I was required to redesign then render it. I was not feeling confident when I was doing the corvette rendering as I could not understand where the reflections should be shown and the shadows that should be rendered. So basically, I just gave it a try to render it base on my imagination on where does the light and shadow is shown on the car. For the front and back view rendering of the car is where I really messed up because the reflection and shadows shown are just everywhere and it does not look right. After getting some feedback from my tutor, he said that rendering for front and rear view of the car does not have to be a lot as light is shining from above the car so very little rendering is required to show the reflections on the car.

These are the few examples of the underlay marker rendering that were given by my tutor following the video.


The first 3 rendering are my first attempt in doing the rendering based on my design and I am not satisfied with it. After getting some feed back from my tutor, I went on doing it again and it turned out to better than the first attempt of my renderings.

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