Development – Kei Car and Ugly Car Redesign

On week 2, I was required to redesign 3 ugly car that were given by my lecturer and give annotation on what I have redesign from the car, why did I redesign the certain part of the car, and give reflection on what’s the differences between the original design and the design that I have drawn. So I was given the Nissan Juke, Lexus NX300h, and the Pontiac Aztec. Out of the 3 redesign that I have done, the one that I enjoy redesigning the most is the Pontiac Aztec. I enjoyed redesigning the Pontiac Aztec because I feel that I have changed majority of the car design and to make it appeal more aggressive and muscular. After the redesign process, I was required get feedback from my tutor about my redesign work. My tutor stated that the redesign work that I have produced is quite okay but he stated that I need to emphasise on certain line of the car as it allows the certain shape of the car to show. Other than that, I was also required to fill in the rims. The reason that I did not fill in the rims at that time is because I was unsure of how do I sketch the rims in the wheel. I will show the pictures of my drawings compared to the original picture.


For the Kei Car redesign, before doing any redesign, I have looked at a couple of car websites and handouts that were provided by my tutor to see examples of different kei cars. I have also looked into a couple of websites myself to see examples of kei car such as my own home country car manufacture brand Perodua, and other country brand like Suzuki, Honda, and Skoda. For the female car I mainly looked at the design of the Perodua Axia, Suzuki Celerio, and the Skoda Citigo. I wanted to design a car that can look simple, kinda cute, and a little bit of aggressive that resembles a character of a female. Other than that, my tutor have provided me an underlay (Suzuki WagonR) to use to exactly get the length of the wheel base correctly. For my design, I have tried to fill the rims in, and in my first attempt I feel like it went quite well as the proportion and the perspective of the rims look okay but my lines on the wheel are not accurate as I depend on the underlay too much and followed exactly the same for the wheel so it did not looked proportionally correct. Plus, I was also given feedback by my tutor and he commented that I really need to thicken the lines and make my ellipses even more rounder.

For my male Kei car redesign, I looked at the Honda S660 and the Suzuki Kopen. For this male Kei car redesign, I have followed the underlay of the Suzuki Wagonr but this time I have chosen to design a convertible Kei car.  For my convertible Kei car, I used two different medias to create it, firstly I used pencil to draw the main shape and silhouette and after that, I have used a biro pen to thicken the line. For this car, the feedback that I have got from my tutor is that my wheels are not in proportion and the line work for the wheels are not well and I need more practice in ellipses and wheel designing. Plus, my tutor also stated that, I could add some interior for the car such as showing a little bit of the steering wheel, showing the seats as it is a convertible.

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