Development- 2D Car Proportions

On the same week, my lecturers gave us a proportion exercise to understand the basic proportions of a car. We are required to just sketch with biro pens as using an eraser while sketching with pencil allows us to fix our mistake. The main objectives of the exercise given is for us to practice our accuracy of line drawing and how we measure the basic proportions of the car.

Our lecturer has taught us to use wheels and vertical lines to measure the proportions of the car like the length and the height of the car. We were given handouts of accurate proportion of the car and I have used the technique taught by my lecturer to measure the length and height of the car by drawing wheels to see distance between the front and rear wheel of the car. On my first sketch of the Smart car, it is shown that, my drawing seems quite tilted because my base line is not parallel to the base of the paper that’s why the car looks tilted. Other than that, the size and width of the wheels are not balance causing the front wheel to look slightly larger than the rear. After a good understanding of the proportion drawing, I used a circle template to draw the car again. I can see that I have understood the proportions of the car and are able to produce a more accurate drawing compared to the 1st drawing.

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