Design Manifesto

One of my design manifesto goes into the look of a person. By meaning of look a person, what I really mean is how a person dresses. How a person dresses tells a lot of story about a person, whether the person dresses expensively, functionally, casually, formally, or funkily. For me, I look at what sneakers do people wear everyday. I look at what sneakers people wear because the shoe that they wear can tell a lot about them. I am a person that really loves sneakers, I am able to tell what sneaker is a person wearing just by a single glance. Different type of sneakers is like different type of cars. An iconic looking sneaker is like an iconic car, whenever people look at it they know that it’s that particular sneaker or a car. For example, one of the iconic sneakers that mostly everyone knows is the Converse Chuck Taylor. The design of the Converse Chuck Taylor is a simple subtle shoe that does not have any visual gimmicks it’s just simple canvas shoe with shoelaces, that simple. Then for cars, one of the most iconic car has got to be the Mini Cooper. The iconic design of the Mini Cooper is how compact the shape of the car is and over the years the iconic shape of the car does not have much changes, just like the Chuck Taylor. So to me, my design manifesto is I want to design something that has an icon not necessary has to be a car but a product or anything that brings an icon to it. I want my design to be recognised by people easily when they look at it or even have a glance on it.


The 2016 Mini Cooper


The 1963 Mark 1 Mini

As you can see over the years not much of the design language has changed but the improvement of technology that improves the design and functionality of the car.

The Iconic Converse 70s
2012 when they introduced the Lunarlon insoles that are more comfortable than the traditional insoles
2017 where they introduced knit pattern to the iconic sneaker so that it’s lightweight and more comfortable for longer distance casual wear

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