How I have managed to find creativity for the past few weeks of my course in Automotive and Transportation Design is to look at different things everyday, it does not always have to be cars. In order for me to be think creatively, I look at other interesting things such as fashion, products, graffiti art, and others. Recently, I have looked at the design of these sneakers under a collaboration of Nike and Off-White by Virgil Abloh. I was very fascinated by how he uses the theme of deconstruction and redesign to it’s potential, the choices of material he uses to deconstruct and redesign the sneaker to make it appeal to have a more “industrial” and scratchy feel but at the same time remains it’s icon and beauty. One of my favourite collaboration sneaker that he have design out of the ten Nike sneakers is the Air Jordan 1.


This is one of the most iconic and colour way of the sneaker that was introduced in 1985 which is the Air Jordan 1 Bred or Black and Red.


This is the Off-White collaboration version of the Air Jordan 1 by Virgil Abloh. I decided to add a video to it as just looking on a picture can’t really see the nice details of the sneaker

Courtesy of : Seth Fowler

By comparing the original version of the Air Jordan 1 and the Off-White version, the original uses traditional material that you can implement into the sneaker which are leather for the upper of the shoe, rubber for the sole, and nylon shoe tongue. While the Off-White version of the Air Jordan 1 the lateral side of the shoe features a oversized detached swoosh and stitch on by the start and the end of the swoosh by some blue thread and orange patch on the rear,   a detached lace loops, and Air Jordan panel written with “85” in which the year of the shoe was introduced . While on the medial side of the shoe just shows the signature Off-White style quote.  What I was really fascinated by the shoe was not just the design looks very industrial, but the materials that Virgil uses to construct the shoe such as instead of using leather for toe box of the shoe, he uses this mesh type of textile for the shoe to create this “scratchy” feel to the shoe to make it look like it’s been deconstructed, and the material of the shoe used on the heel counter that kinda feels like the IKEA recyclable bag touch. Other than that, I really like how he made the Nike Air on the tongue to be sewn on the side of the tongue, it really gives the feeling to show that he wanted to place the tag on the tongue but the actual placement has not been figured out so he just decided to sew on the side to show people. Plus, the exposed tongue and the ankle area to show that this shoe is like a sample version before the actual version of the shoe. This collaboration has really shown me by deconstructing a product or a car can really expand the possibility of making something new and discovering different material possibilities that can be implemented into the automotive industry.

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